Using this endpoint, you can collect information about Instagram user stories.


The /user-storyThe Instagram Social Media API endpoint allows you to GET user information based on the given user ID.

Here is a brief overview of the information that can be collected from the user-story API's endpoint:

  • Story media: Images, videos, and other media content of the user's story.
  • Caption: Any text caption added to the story.
  • Mentions: Other users @mentioned in the story caption.
  • Location: The location tagged on the story, if any.
  • Timestamp: The time the story was posted.
  • Story settings: Whether replies/reactions are enabled, story viewership, etc.
  • Story stickers: Details on any interactive stickers added like links or polls.
  • User info: Basic info on the story poster like username, profile pic, etc.


API-KEY. Use your API-KEY for authentication.

Output format:



Click "200" at the bottom of the page in the Responses block to see the JSON structure of a successful response.


If you have any questions about authentication or API usage, please contact our support team at [email protected].

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