This endpoint furnishes data on child comments associated with a specific comment, giving insights into users who have replied or engaged with the parent comment.


The /child-commentsThe Instagram Social Media API endpoint allows you to GET information on child comments to comments based on the given media ID.

The child-comments endpoint provides the actual text, posting time, author, likes, and parent relationship of comments that are replies to other comments. It allows for collecting and analyzing reply conversations on Instagram posts, such as

  • Comment ID: The unique ID of each child comment.
  • Text: The text content of the child comment.
  • Timestamp: When the child comment was posted.
  • Username: The username of the user who posted the comment.
  • User profile pic: The profile picture of the user who posted the comment.
  • Like count: Number of likes on the child comment.
  • Parent comment ID: The ID of the parent comment it is replying to.


API-KEY. Use your API-KEY for authentication.

Output format:



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