Navigate and Explore the Category Structure Within a Particular Amazon Domain.


By utilizing the /navigation endpoint in the Amazon Navigation API, you can either list or search for categories on a specific Amazon domain. This functionality provides convenient ways to explore and locate desired product categories, enhancing the user experience and facilitating efficient navigation within the Amazon catalog.


Amazon categories hierarchy

Amazon categories are organized in a hierarchy, and each category can have one or more child categories. You can find the child categories of a specific category by using the parent category ID and utilizing the parent_id parameter. To fetch the top-level categories, you can make a request without specifying any parent_id. Top-level categories can be identified by the is_root property set to true.


API-KEY. Use your API-KEY for authentication.

Output format



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Required Parameters

To specify the Amazon Category search, you have the following options:

  1. Use the id parameter to search for a specific category by providing its unique identifier.

  2. Use the parent_id parameter to retrieve child categories of a given parent category by specifying the parent category's ID.

  3. Use the search_term parameter to search for categories that contain a specific term within the category hierarchy.

Please note that you cannot use all three parameters together or in pairs because they have different functionalities. The id parameter is used for a precise category search, the parent_id parameter is used for exploring child categories, and the search_term parameter is used for a broader search within the category hierarchy.

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