Overview Navigation API

Navigate Amazon's extensive product categories with ease

To simplify the exploration of Amazon's extensive product hierarchy, the ScrapeIN API offers the Navigation API. With this API, you can retrieve Category ID values for different levels of the Amazon hierarchy. This allows for easier navigation and searching within specific categories of Amazon products.

Navigation API functionality proves valuable in scenarios like iterating through all products within a particular category or presenting search results confined to a specific category.


Note on Iterating and Listing Contents of Amazon Categories

If you want to list the contents of a category on Amazon and retrieve all the products within it, please note that pagination using Category or Search requests for top-level categories (where is_root=true) is not supported by Amazon sites. To successfully iterate through the contents of a category, it is recommended to choose the lowest level categories and perform your iteration and pagination on those specific categories. This approach will help you navigate and retrieve the desired information effectively.

Although the category_ids returned by the Amazon Navigation API are generally stable, it is important to note that Amazon's category hierarchy may undergo changes over time. To account for these changes, ScrapeIN regularly updates its Navigation API dataset. If your code involves displaying the category hierarchy to users, we recommend that you periodically refresh your cached hierarchy from the Amazon Navigation API. This ensures that you have the most up-to-date and accurate category information for your use cases.


Note on Amazon Navigation API Cost & Rate Limits

To manage your usage effectively, please keep in mind that

  1. Each request to the Amazon Navigation API contributes towards your monthly request quota. To optimize usage, it is advisable to cache the API response locally and rely on your local copy for lookups within your application.
  2. The Amazon Navigation API has a rate limit of 2000 requests per minute. This means you can make up to 2000 API requests within a span of one minute.

The following summary table allows you to visually navigate the Amazon hierarchy for a specific Amazon domain and generate sample API requests for search, category, deals, and bestsellers queries.

Availability of Standard, Bestsellers, and Deals categories per Amazon domain, is shown below:

CountryValueStandard CategoriesBestsellers CategoriesDeals Categories
Saudi Arabiaamazon.safalsetruetrue
United Kingdomamazon.co.uktruetruetrue
United Statesamazon.comtruetruetrue