Results Amazon Data API

Response Description for ScrapeIN Amazon Data API

ScrapeIN Amazon Data API returns results in HTML, JSON, or CSV format.

Each JSON file includes technical information such as request parameters, execution time, navigation and pagination links, and other structured information from HTML. For each endpoint, the main JSON blocks may be different. They are described in the relevant endpoint results sections.

JSON Structure

The JSON structure returned by the ScrapeIN Amazon Data API contains the following blocks:


Contains information about the request endpoint, including the Amazon domain used, the search term, and the response output.

  • type - specifies the type of request being made.
  • amazon_domain - indicates the Amazon domain from which the data is being retrieved.
  • asin - refers to the ASIN number being used to search for specific data.
  • output - specifies the desired output format for the retrieved data.


Contains metadata about the query, including the time it was created and processed, the total time taken, and the Amazon URL.

  • created_at - indicates the timestamp when the request was created.
  • processed_at - indicates the timestamp when the request was processed or completed.
  • total_time_taken - represents (typically in seconds) the total time taken to process the request, from the creation of the request to its completion.
  • amazon_url - contains the URL that was used to perform the Amazon search.
  • json - can be retrieved through URLs in a manner similar to accessing links on Google.
  • html - can be retrieved through URLs in a manner similar to accessing links on Google.


Navigates through a large set of data or search results that are split into multiple pages.

  • total_results - indicates the total number of results available for the given search query on Amazon.
  • current_page - specifies the current page being displayed.
  • next_page_link - provides the URL or link to the next page of results. It is used to navigate to the next page.
  • total_pages - represents the total number of pages available for the given search query.

JSON Example

  "request_parameters" : {
    "amazon_domain" : "",
    "search_term" : "tv",
    "output" : "json",
    "type" : "search"
  "request_metadata" : {
    "created_at" : "2023-06-28T11:25:19.802Z",
    "processed_at" : "2023-06-28T11:25:24.797Z",
    "total_time_taken" : 5,
    "amazon_url" : ""
  "pagination" : {
    "total_results" : 1000,
    "current_page" : 1,
    "next_page_link" : "",
    "total_pages" : 20