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Effortlessly retrieve real-time data from various Amazon domains worldwide using the ScrapeIN Amazon Data API.

Introducing the Amazon Data API

The data you want to retrieve from Amazon is determined by the type of data you are interested in. To configure your request to the Amazon Data API, you need to use certain parameters. These parameters should be added as URL-encoded parameters or a GET HTTP request.

You can use ScrapeIN Amazon Data API to retrieve:

Amazon Product Data

The endpoint you choose for your data request determines which additional parameters are available for your request and includes:

Amazon Deals and Bestsellers Data

The endpoint you choose for your data request determines which additional parameters are available for your request and includes:

Amazon Customers Feedback Data

The endpoint you choose for your data request determines which additional parameters are available for your request and includes:

  • Amazon Reviews API - To obtain customer reviews for an asin or an Amazon product page url.
  • Amazon Questions API - To retrieve questions for an Amazon product using the asin or the product page url.
  • Amazon Question Answers API - To retrieve all answers (not just the default selected answer) for a specific question_id or an Amazon question answers page url.

Amazon Sellers Data

The endpoint you choose for your data request determines which additional parameters are available for your request and includes:


Seller ID VS URL

When using the Amazon API, you need to specify either the seller_id in combination with the amazon_domain parameter or the url of the Amazon seller profile page, depending on your preferred method of accessing seller data. Using both together would create ambiguity and potentially lead to conflicting or inconsistent results because the combination of amazon_domain and seller_id already uniquely identifies the seller on the specified Amazon domain.

  • Amazon Seller Profile API - To request seller profile data for a specific seller using their seller_id or Amazon seller profile page url. You can also obtain the seller_id value for a specific seller from a pricing request.
  • Amazon Seller Products API - To obtain product listings from an Amazon seller by providing the seller_id or the url of their product listing page. To gather all the products from a specific seller, you can make subsequent requests using the seller-products endpoint.

Amazon Utility Requests

The endpoint determines which additional parameters are available for your request.

  • ASIN to GTIN API - This feature can be used to convert ASINs to GTIN, EAN, UPC, and ISBN numbers on a particular amazon_domain.

Effortless Onboarding

To utilize the Amazon Data API, it is necessary to authenticate your requests with an API key. The sign-up option provided by ScrapeIN offers a combination of simplicity, time savings, and user convenience. By opting for this method, you can promptly begin using the Amazon Data API, while also benefiting from enhanced security due to restricted access to authorized users only. Moreover, it is developer-friendly and facilitates seamless integration. This feature empowers you to swiftly and securely access Amazon Data API, enabling you to leverage its comprehensive range of features and data for your applications and projects.

Handy Pagination Option

The Amazon Data API from ScrapeIN supports pagination, allowing you to retrieve large amounts of data in smaller, manageable portions. This feature optimizes efficiency, reduces memory usage, enables faster processing, enhances scalability, improves user experience, and provides better error handling. By breaking down large datasets into manageable portions, pagination significantly enhances the performance and usability of the API.

Versatile Data Formats

The Amazon Data API enables you to make real-time requests, guaranteeing the retrieval of up-to-date and accurate data. You can conveniently receive the extracted data in a clean and structured format, either as JSON or HTML, facilitating seamless integration into your workflows. Additionally, the Amazon Data API supports CSV.

Automated Conversion of Code Formats

Effortlessly retrieve and automatically convert GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN codes to their corresponding ASINs, serving as unique identifiers for Amazon products. Seamlessly access comprehensive Amazon product details by referring to our helpful guide on converting ASIN to GTIN. Explore the guide now for a smooth and efficient experience.

Amazon Data API Useful Information Section

The reference section provides you with detailed information and resources related to various aspects of the Amazon API. Here's a breakdown of the included parts:

  • GTIN, ISBN, UPC, and EAN to ASIN Lookups: This section offers guidance on how to retrieve ASINs (Amazon product identifiers) by performing lookups using GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN codes.
  • Amazon Domains: Here, you can find a list of supported Amazon domains, which are specific regional versions of Amazon's online marketplace.
  • Customer Locations: This part provides information on how to specify customer locations for more accurate data retrieval, considering different geographical regions.
  • Supported Currencies: This section covers the supported currencies within the ScrapeIN API, allowing you to work with and retrieve data in specific currency formats.
  • Supported Languages: Here, you can explore the supported languages for retrieving Amazon data, enabling you to access information in various linguistic formats.

Benefits of Using Amazon Data API


The Amazon Data API offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to integrate and utilize for your development needs.

Getting Amazon data with ScrapeIN API is as simple as making an HTTP GET request to the requested endpoint. The only required parameters are the api_key (sign up for free) and a search parameter that defines the type of Amazon data you would like to retrieve, such as /product, /category, /pricing, and many more.


The ScrapeIN Amazon Data API offers numerous advantages for you:

  • It boasts a 100% success rate.
  • It provides worldwide coverage.
  • It provides comprehensive documentation and resources to effectively guide developers in using the API.
  • It offers dedicated support and prompt assistance from the provider's team for issue resolution.


One of the significant benefits is that you no longer need to worry about challenges such as

  • blocking,
  • captchas,
  • rotating proxies,
  • or other restrictions.

Effortless Testing

Amazon Data API includes a convenient testing feature that allows you to directly test your code.

Reliable Results

For explicit documentation on the outcomes of your Amazon Data API requests, please consult the Results section. This section provides detailed information on the data returned by the API, complete with practical examples. The documentation covers both JSON and HTML formats for the Amazon Data retrieved.