GTIN, ISBN, UPC, EAN to Amazon ASIN Lookups

ScrapeIN API allows you to retrieve Amazon product data using GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN codes when making a query.

GTIN, ISBN, UPC, and EAN numbers

These are standardized identifiers used to uniquely identify products.

  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a barcode used to identify trade items globally. It includes UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Number) formats.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique identifier for books and related products.
  • UPC (Universal Product Code) is a widely recognized barcode used primarily in North America.
  • EAN (European Article Number) is a barcode standard used internationally, primarily in Europe.
    These codes are essential for inventory management, tracking sales, and ensuring accurate product identification across different marketplaces and retailers.

ASIN code

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers which are specific to Amazon's marketplace and are used as unique identifiers for products listed on Amazon. ASINs are primarily used within the Amazon platform to provide a standardized and consistent way of identifying products across various categories. As ASINs are specific to Amazon's marketplace these are not used as universal identifiers outside of Amazon's ecosystem. They are different from other product codes like GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN, which have broader industry-wide recognition.


ScrapeIN API allows you to search and retrieve Amazon product data using both ASINs and GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN numbers separately. This flexibility enables you to gather information based on your preferred identifier.

To search for Amazon product data using GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN codes, simply use the gtin parameter instead of the asin parameter in your Amazon Data API requests. When the gtin parameter is provided, ScrapeIN will first attempt to look up the corresponding GTIN, ISBN, UPC, or EAN on the specified Amazon domain mentioned in the amazon_domain parameter. It will then retrieve the product details for the resulting ASIN.


Specify Correct Amazon Domain

Specify the Amazon domain to ensure accurate and relevant results from the corresponding marketplace. For example, use for a US-issued EAN-13 of 0195174006078.

Using an incorrect Amazon domain could lead to mismatched or incorrect product information, pricing, availability, and other details.